Monday, April 9, 2012

Seaside feeling

I've been wanting to do a nautical-themed collection for a while, and after acquiring this soft navy suede fabric perfect for preppy blazers, I have been excited about getting my mother to sew some new outerwear for this year. Here are the fabric and cords I have collected over the years (not a lot, but the key fabric to be featured):

Designing and creating clothes can be such a wonderfully fun process. X3 I get to scour magazines and websites for beautiful designs created by real designers and be inspired by them.

Also, thank you to all for viewing the previous collection on Etsy! Mother is still working on the Birdsong dresses (and they are all sold out!). Here is a shot of the completed socks. <3

Recently, I decided to give momokoDolls another chance. Some time in 2009 I had bought two of them (a Lacy Modernist and a WUD002), but I didn't feel inspired to make clothes for them (other than a maxi dress for WUD002). I have been looking at Momoko/Fashion Royalty clothes for the past few months and felt my interest stirring again. I still have a soft spot for miniature things :p

Here's my So Cute Marine girl which I got off eBay without her clothes (I was also lusting after a Safari of Dry Wind (cold version) girl for her cute hair but alas, my funding is not enough):

I love the colour of her hair and her makeup looks sweet. I think I should stick to Momokos with nude lips. I was afraid she would look stoned/dumb because her eye makeup is clear and clean (no think lashes/eyeliner), but she looked fantastic with back light! I shared two more photos of her on Flickr, so do check her out properly there. :>
She's wearing this tank top I made (I altered a pattern from one of the DCR books so she'll have a nice scoop neck showing off some cleavage), but the straps were to thin so you can see some ugly serged parts. I tried to make her a pair of grey jersey shorts too but they didn't fit well because I used patterns meant for stiff cotton instead so they were too big and loose. It was embarrassing making this mistake with my mother around to see it. -_-; But she taught me a great way to sew shorts that fall nicely on legs. So yay to that!
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