Saturday, October 6, 2012

Upcoming sweaters

A very delayed announcement! We have been invited by lovely Lelahel of Petite Precieuse to sell some of our pieces on their Euro/international doll shopping platform. :) We currently have three exclusive pieces with them, all SD sizes, and one of them would be made a special giveaway at the Ldoll event in France that is happening this weekend. <3

Many apologies for the lack of updates! I have succumbed to the life of a couch potato for the past month and feeling rather guilty for neglecting living a life properly. :p I blame Korean entertainment for making me recline in my chair facing a screen watching their dramas and variety shows after work and before heading off to bed. Time to kick this bad habit of passive living (bit by bit). I will still catch Joo Ji Hoon's [Five Fingers] and Song Joong Ki's [Innocent Man], though. Two of my favourite male actors in such epic dramas (though Five Fingers is beginning to drag for me, do not like petty men who can't move on >_>).

In addition, our in-house seamstress have been busy with night classes on weekdays, so there has been a delay in releasing new pieces.

Anyway, procrastination aside, I finally came up with a sweater style that could go with the cream pleated skorts my mother made some time ago. It's an off-white soft knit sweater with lace shoulders that I would like to embellish with beads and pearls. The above is a look at one of the designs I'm contemplating.

I'm torn between doing the diamond patterned beaded look with pearl accents in the middle, or just sewing on white pearls throughout the front. I do adore the latest fashion trends of heavily beaded patterned clothing pieces and am dying to try some for the dolls, so we'll see how things go. :) I am finally excited about creating again and am feeling rather thankful that my life is now going to pick up from where it got left off again.

Another issue that's been bothering me is how my dolls have kind of lost their personalities over the years. I do want them to have their own personalities and styles and I may take more photos of them for who they are, but that would take some time, I guess. Just need to stop being so lazy and just focus on the hobby more. Why do I get so distracted so easily... -_-