Sunday, August 28, 2016

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Please welcome our newest girl to the family! <3 She is a Volks DWC03 head borrowing Iola's SDGr body right now. I need to search for a newer body to suit her unyellowed resin (and have these 2 girls in the same picture!). She has gently squinting eyes that I hope to accentuate more with bigger eyes. She also has a carrot red short wig that brings out her reddish brown brows. These eyes are temporary ones I got from Rosenlied for my adopted Lieselotte previously.

Another shot of her with a filter on. She's wearing one of our new lace bodysuits that will be released in our upcoming collection. We will share white, pink and black colours. ^^ Hope to share more updates with you soon!
Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ficondoll x Modsdoll

Modsdoll Ficon comparison

These two can be rather fun to play with now that I have two of them. Left is Modsdoll Day & Night and right is Ficondoll Irina. Both of them had a wig swap and clothing swap here. Still on their own bodies. NSFW picture after cut.

Modsdoll and Ficondoll body comparison

Here's a look at Modsdoll (L) and Ficondoll (R) side by side nude. Overall, I prefer Ficondoll's body, it has beautiful joints and easier to control stability. Modsdoll has the old school fashion doll knees and longer legs. Body blushing wise, Ficondoll wins. I just don't dig the yellow gold mani pedi!

Here's a look at Ficondoll wearing Modsdoll clothing. Her feet is smaller than Modsdoll, so a perfect fit in their shoes! She can also stand unaided. :D

I still need to get used to ms Day&Night, or more like, try on those Ellowyn Wilde shoes I got that were too large for Irina that might allow more standing stability. She's wearing this Kingdom Doll sized one piece that Irina wore in her last introduction post. The fit is not as perfect on Modsdoll as on Ficondoll, but not bad.

Here's a feet picture. Ficondoll even blushed her ankles!

I love Day&Night's jawline. So feminine and soft! Now I know why I didn't like Ficondoll's Irina's face from the side so much, check out the next picture to see why...

Irina doesn't have a natural looking jawline that leaves her neck, like how D&N's works. It makes her look a little stiff and unnatural. :(

The insides of both dolls are just alike! Just that Fcondoll's doesn't look as bumpy. Modsdoll used white elastics and Ficondoll uses pink! What a cute colour I've not seen used in dolls before.

Ficondoll and Modsdoll necks

Ficondoll has clean joints and a Kips disc at the neck to prevent abrasion between head and neck (as well as helps positioning). Modsdoll has quite a bit of residue within joints, and you can see some on her neck and shoulder.

A look at both heads and magnetic head caps side by side (sorry they aren't aligned). Then it hit me their resin skintone don't look too far off, so that means...

Headswap time! :D D&N didn't have that thick portion to the bottom, so didn't hide the Kips disc well, but she still looks rather elegant on Ficondoll's body. Irina fits Modsdoll's body as well! So perhaps the future go-to is to get Ficondoll's beautiful body to go with gentle Modsdoll girl heads. D:

I need to get down to sewing for these girls, but they're mature and realistic, I feel they need more street styled clothing. *_*

Modsdoll Day & Night arrives

Our second 16" resin fashion doll arrived on Saturday and here are some long awaited pictures of her arrival. :) Day & Night is the latest released doll by The Modsdoll. She is similar to Ficondoll's Irina in terms of fully-blushed body with matching mani pedis. More on the box-opening and NSFW images.

No funny foam people this time. D&N came in a matte black box with silver modsdoll foil stamping. She came already dressed and in these stubs for hands (now I know what they're for haha) and her dress came in a dust bag separately packed (which I unpacked here). Her accessories and wig were kept in the black drawer at the bottom. Her certification came in a black envelope. She also comes with a stand, which from previous experience, I'll skip using it for fear of staining...

She came with a second pair of hands, a clutch, necklace and nude mesh tights.

She has rather simple body blushing as compared to Ficondoll's Irina. More on comparisons in my next post, but I love her pearl pink manicure very much..

D&N in her default casual outfit. Love her jeans! That was one of the reasons why I bought her. <3
She has nice burgundy pumps but I find her feet a tad too big and I had to squeeze them into her own shoes. :/ She has an adorable matching clutch, too, and the back of her shirt has rhinestones.

Her LBD was also a tad tight on her, but at least it zipped up. D&N has a lovely soft allure to her face and postures, but I find her legs hard to control and position for standing.

Next up! Ficondoll x Modsdoll comparison and head exchanges!