Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A more serious collection

I borrowed some books on fashion design recently and decided to go a little more deeper into the designing of clothes. Our brand takes pride in making quality clothes that are special, and I felt certain pieces from the previous collection didn't hit the mark. It was more of making dolly sized clothes that I would want to wear under a casual atmosphere, but I guess lovesprung's muse has her casual days too. (I'm not saying I'm the muse here~ :p) We will make more unique pieces with interesting accents!

Following a book's guide, I am now working on 6 looks for the next collection. I took photos of my dolls nude so I can draw the designs on tracing paper above for more accuracy that my mother can follow when sewing. Usually, I just draw from scratch on a 'fashion design illustration' way, but the body proportions were off, and it was rather hit and miss.

Here's a peek at a white chiffon jacket with a peplum waist design. You can see the inspiration I got from the gathered chiffon trim at the top. I would like to have a printed chiffon dress underneath the jacket too, so there's the white chiffon sample fabric atop the green printed chiffon (from our 2009 collection! :D I was digging through our fabric and this caught my eye again):

And the reference photos of my SD10 model that was behind the sheet of paper (my Unoa model's printed at the back):
Hopefully with this method, it can possibly save us more time to create more interesting pieces with more details! :))
Monday, April 9, 2012

Seaside feeling

I've been wanting to do a nautical-themed collection for a while, and after acquiring this soft navy suede fabric perfect for preppy blazers, I have been excited about getting my mother to sew some new outerwear for this year. Here are the fabric and cords I have collected over the years (not a lot, but the key fabric to be featured):

Designing and creating clothes can be such a wonderfully fun process. X3 I get to scour magazines and websites for beautiful designs created by real designers and be inspired by them.

Also, thank you to all for viewing the previous collection on Etsy! Mother is still working on the Birdsong dresses (and they are all sold out!). Here is a shot of the completed socks. <3

Recently, I decided to give momokoDolls another chance. Some time in 2009 I had bought two of them (a Lacy Modernist and a WUD002), but I didn't feel inspired to make clothes for them (other than a maxi dress for WUD002). I have been looking at Momoko/Fashion Royalty clothes for the past few months and felt my interest stirring again. I still have a soft spot for miniature things :p

Here's my So Cute Marine girl which I got off eBay without her clothes (I was also lusting after a Safari of Dry Wind (cold version) girl for her cute hair but alas, my funding is not enough):

I love the colour of her hair and her makeup looks sweet. I think I should stick to Momokos with nude lips. I was afraid she would look stoned/dumb because her eye makeup is clear and clean (no think lashes/eyeliner), but she looked fantastic with back light! I shared two more photos of her on Flickr, so do check her out properly there. :>
She's wearing this tank top I made (I altered a pattern from one of the DCR books so she'll have a nice scoop neck showing off some cleavage), but the straps were to thin so you can see some ugly serged parts. I tried to make her a pair of grey jersey shorts too but they didn't fit well because I used patterns meant for stiff cotton instead so they were too big and loose. It was embarrassing making this mistake with my mother around to see it. -_-; But she taught me a great way to sew shorts that fall nicely on legs. So yay to that!
Sunday, April 1, 2012

April's first release coming up at 12noon!

A third part of our Spring Summer 2012 release will arrive in our Etsy store in less than an hour's time. :>
There's a preview up on our Facebook page, so do pop by and take a look before the store begins its sale.

The pieces in this release are pretty varied. Two sets will be available for both SD and MSD sizes, both include dresses in gentle colours of mint and white. I came across the above bird print fabric recently and couldn't resist getting some. I also found another black chiffon with multi-coloured birds very similar to one of Marc Jacobs' bird-printed fabric! :D

There will also be a one of a kind skirt version of the Galaxia dresses for MSD girls. This fabric is my ultimate favourite! For its amazing softness and pretty digital prints, it was a wonderful find (though a wee bit pricey). I can't stop touching it! Haha, many times I have wanted to wear what my dolls are wearing. :)

Do also expect a ooak white dress set for the MSD girls. We actually had this made last year but I kept forgetting to release it together with the earlier collections. x_x;; Finally, it will be out! It has this delicate embroidered initial sewn on the front of the dress. I've gotten hold of some embroidered initials from a Yahoo!Japan auction a year or two back but didn't have any ideas of how to best utilise them in designs. So here's the first one that got made!

The rest of the items will be from our 2009 collections. Mainly jackets for the SD/SD13 boys. Oh yes, we used to have boys in our midst and my mother made amazingly detailed and real-life jackets for them. So grab your chance to purchase the last few remaining jackets she made for your fashionable hunks. <3