Sunday, July 22, 2012

And Sunday comes to a near end...

The weekends are never enough for me. Who deemed the world to only rest from work for two days? Why can't we have four? :(

So today I was taking photos of new clothes for a potential buyer. :> I hope things go well and I can advertise about it soon. And I tried making a simple dolly hanger:

It's not very close up (otherwise you can see how cheap it looks lol. It's made from S hooks I got from Daiso (yay for $2!) and paper and ribbon. It would be better to wire the body and sew on a padded body, but I wanted a quick fix so I went to make my own hangers out of paper instead (with some foam in the middle). I have MSD sized ones too.

We'll see what we can do with these. Maybe I'll just use them for display, or when I upgrade it to something of a better quality, I might list them in stores. ^^

So yes, weekends are so not enough for me to do all the things I want to do. :/

Oh and I'm also working on a human accessory and art project (with shop). I've got three earrings done and can't wait to get the blog up for it. :)
Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Rain

Time flew quickly and yesterday marked my second month in my new full-time job. I was able to work pretty actively on doll clothes back in March and April, but work sure took up much of my time and energy. So apologies for the lack of updates! I don't get a life and natural day light for photo-taking and handcrafting.

Many people had expressed interest in our tulle shorts, and we do wish to make more. After all, we've only made them in cream and blue, we have yet to touch pink and other colours. However, this round I've decided to try something more luxurious. Using lace!

Here's Kotone, my Unoa Lusis girl, wearing the shorts with our one of a kind Ribonette sweater (psst! It's still available in our etsy shop!). I call these premium shorts. Lol. Since the lace costs much more than tulle, and to tier them up in these absolutely delectable frilly way... Ah~ Seeing how much lace this used, I quickly went to the shop to purchase a few more metres of it so this won't end up being yet another one of a kind. ^^; The SD girls get their own as well, but I guess we would be trying out another design where we use a wider lace at the top and accent with the littler ones below.

On human-sized item notes, I've recently bought some earring findings to make my own earrings since I've got sensitive skin and it gets so frustrating when I can't wear my favourite earrings for long. Here are just some of the materials I've got:

The silver ring with the zirconia stone would be made into a long necklace for the dollies. I've got two of these. Can't wait to string them up. <3 The big ribbon I got for the dolls as well, but seeing how they're pretty big, I might make them for humans instead. So all these got me excited about starting a jewelry shop for humans! It's in the planning stages now, I'm still thinking of a name and designs I can sell. I do want to sell art prints as well. :)

So sorry for the lack of updates! Hopefully we'll put up a lovely frilly release next!