Monday, March 19, 2012

Packing in progress

Thank you to everyone who visited our Etsy shop on the day of our big release last Friday! :) I apologize for not being able to post a thank you note earlier because I caught a bad bug Thursday night.
My family members had fallen ill one by one, and I thought I would be the last one standing... Lol. It was a fever and a flu, and the fever didn't go away until Sunday morning (but it returned in the evening). The flu gives me a blocked nose that makes it hard to sleep at night. *grumbles*

I could only safely begin packing work today when I'm finally recovering (working a little makes me tired very quickly, but at least my fever went away, I hope). Mother has also started preparing the made-to-order items. There are some packages with ready-made items that can be mailed tomorrow. ^^

Can't wait to start preparing the next collection!
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Excite, excite! Can you feel my excitement?

Hee hee, I'm just barely keeping myself from bubbling over with great excitement. <3
I've prepared 32 draft listings of all the items we'll be selling and the date and time are out (Do note it down on your calendar)!
Previews available on Facebook.

The packages I've been eagerly waiting for have finally arrived today, too!
(I'm still waiting for another two :p I've been a bad girl, shopping online so much.
If I may hint, one of the packages will hopefully rekindle my try at making smaller modern clothes again)
So here're the goodies that reached me~

The adorable macaron charms were made by Jocelyn of AiClay. I just tried to figure out a necklace for msds with a 1:12 sized charm, and I must say, it didn't work. The chain just wasn't dainty enough. Maybe I should try a ball chain, however, the clasps I have are solid brass and heavy, they kind of pull at the back and the necklace will flop up. :( Back to the thinking room on what kind of necklace I can make (other ideas that came up were suede/lace/ribbon replacing chains)

In addition to the macarons, I got pretty lace for more projects! I am so lucky to have so many materials that inspire me every day. There is never nothing I can make. XD I guess I can keep designing things to make and bother my mother to help me realise these ideas for a long, long time.

Lastly, my Unoa heeled sandals arrived from eBay! They're meant for 22" American Models. I was so crushed that I lost three other auctions for awesome black shoes. ;_ ; I hope to get more realistic and affordable heels for my girls in future! Alas, my wallet cries in pain, so now I'm doing my best to save money once more. There is still the need to get a new Mac because my 5-year-old MBP is getting old and slow. ;o;

Here's another shot of my Narae in her hot heels:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On our way~

We've been making gradual progress on the upcoming collection. I know, I've been talking about it for two plus weeks now, but our progress has been pretty speedy. My mother caught a cough recently, but she has been nice enough to help me with a few more designs. ;_; She's resting right now, and she needs to spend time revising for an English exam this Friday. She is such a hardworking woman!

Here's a look at one of our not-so-limited (meaning not just 2 pieces ;) blouse:

This is the slim msd version, awaiting buttons/beads to be sewn onto the front. The SD version is also done, just waiting for me to pick out the matching button details. :) The use of eyelet fabric and lace for this blouse was inspired by Mercury Duo's Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which was also part of this season's lace trends. I love lace, and I love spring. There's always beautiful lace come spring time!

And here's a very bad photo of a possible coordination of the eyelet blouse with the polkadot skirt (and an older piece: candy floss vest).

I have been preparing our Etsy listings with the completed pieces. Right now we have 6 items in the 2 sizes we offer. A one-of-a-kind dress and shorts, limited edition shorts, blouse and cardigan. Then for non-limited items, we have a cute lavender polka dotted pleat skirt and the above eyelet lace blouse. I still want to make more knit cardigans/sweaters with lace details, tank/spaghetti-strapped tops, hopefully some lace socks, tote bags and macaron necklaces!

Not to forget some pretty dusty mauve collars with rhinestone accents! These can be worn under the peterpan collars of the above eyelet blouse too:

It feels great to have time to create things. Oh boy, I was also hoping to draw some accompanying artworks to release with this collection. I wonder if I can get over the barriers within me to make that happen. ;_;