Monday, May 7, 2012

Shopaholic tendencies

Ahh, I'm using the new interface on blogger now and it feels so clean and new. :)
Okay, so previously I said I wanted to make a more serious collection, but I keep steering towards more casual styles yet again. The recent release of dresses are more lady-like and more of 'Going Out' styles. I still want to make a set of 8 to 10 pieces that can be mixed and matched (like the fun editorials in Japanese magazines, where the model wears different variations over a week), and yes, this has nothing to do with themes. In addition, mother has so much skills in her, it feels like a waste making simple clothes like t-shirts and cardigans. I would like to get my mother to sew more outerwear (and yay, there's plenty of fabric for outerwear)!

 Anyway, while I'm going with the flow, here's a photo of the most recent haul of trims and fabric I got:

It's so hard to find pointelle knit fabric in shops (and rather expensive on etsy), so when I saw these two in the form of cardigans in a shop having a sale, I just went ahead and bought them in the biggest size possible. Oops, more limited edition pieces. :p The lace trims I got from a shop selling trinkets when I was on the way to catch The Avengers with a friend. (The movie's fantastic, by the way. I think Pepper and Tony Stark are made for each other!) I was so thrilled to find elastic lace, they would come in useful for socks, but then, how many socks are already available in the market? :x Will need to figure out more uses for elastic lace. Oh oh, and I love the 'wheat' look embroided mesh lace in taupe. It would make a lovely slip dress with a red cardigan. <3 I only got a metre of it, and I think I would like to go back and buy another 4 more metres so I won't regret not having enough.

Right now, the ideas in my head range from white lace shorts to cream biker jackets and lace embellished cardigans. I cannot tell myself to stop buying fabric until I have used up a significant amount from the stash I have at home, because it doesn't work! ;A; I cannot resist beautiful things. Oh pah...