Thursday, September 1, 2022

lovesprung's [JEWEL BOX]

This is the page for all doll accessories available for order
and will be updated whenever new designs are available.

Kindly copy and paste the form below and fill in your details and order information.
I accept orders via email: black(dot)lilac @ gmail(dot)com or via DM on Instagram.
Payment via Paypal or Paynow/Paylah via local bank transfer. Thank you!

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1. Name: *example* Cross Lariat
Size: SD10/Gr/16/DD/SDM/Narae

2. Name:


Limited Edition of 2

Price: US$48
A unique lariat style necklace made from a delicate black and
gold chain ending with a detailed cross pendant and accentuated with
little bulging heart and zirconia star charms.
Modelled by a DD f3 semi-white skin girl.


Price: US$12
A simple yet elegant oversized cable chain necklace in a high-quality
no-rust gold plating perfect for pairing with high-fashion or streetwear looks.

One of a Kind in Vanilla hues

Price: SOLD * pls wait for restock for another
Every Keshi pearl is unique and so every choker made will be one of a kind.
This particular choker is made with vanilla hued freshwater pearls.
Model is an SD16 F-63 in PS white skin.

+ HEART & PEARLS . Purple +
Limited Edition of 2

Price: US$45
A sweet 14k gold-filled toggle clasp closure choker made
with a string of the tiniest freshwater pearls
and accentuated with a purplish pink glass heart pendant.
A red heart version is available for order as well.
Model is an SD16 F63 in PS white skin.


Price: US$20
Using gemstones representing happiness, hope and everlasting youth, this pair of
chokers made from aquamarine gems and gold seed beads can be
worn stacked like in the pictures below or on their own/paired
with other necklaces in your collection.



Price: US$40
A trio of necklaces with two chokers made using gemstones that
bring clarity and calm, this set combines the beautiful blue green
hues of the Amazonite and rich peach hue of the coral drop pendant.

There are also some tac-on earrings you can add onto your necklace order. Each pair is US$6 and you can also mix and match to form your own pair.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

[TEDDY VINTAGE} One Off kimono for SD girls


Teddy Vintage is the latest one off kimono set I made for a dear client requesting for an earth-toned kimono set. This was made with a beautiful yarn-dyed Japanese cotton with a maroon base. It also comes with a jointed teddy bear I made some time ago as a companion.

Kimono Parlour [Princess Series]

 So at the end of 2021, I released the first furisode kimono in the [Princess Series]. These are opulent and decadently ruffled kimonos of various hues to fit the SDGr girls. Here are some that had been made and sold.

YUKI HIME - Crown Princess of Winter

SUMIRE HIME - Lavender Princess of Spring

TAIYO HIME - Princess of the Sun

These kimonos have come to be made to order, and I am currently working on a sugar pink one for a dear client. :) Stay tuned!

Kimono Parlour [ 2021 collection ]

 Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates to the blog as I focused most of my time on Instagram. :p Please find below, an archive of the one off kimonos I have made and sold in the year 2021.

#1: Vintage Menu for SD10 girls

#2: Black Diamond for SD13 girls

#4: Antique Sonata for SDM girls

#6: Picnic Romance for SDGr girls

#7: The Explorer for SD16 girls

Thank you for going through until here! :) I will continue to share more high resolution photos of works here. <3