Thursday, December 14, 2017

Another year comes to an end

Wow. This year flew by without me being able to even fit in a second entry here. I'm currently undergoing a major life change (hello, motherhood!) and my own dear mother has been helping me out with the care for baby R.

The past seven months have been tough, I was going through the traditional one month confinement post-pregnancy where I was forbidden from doing anything other than lie in bed and rest, which slowly drove me crazy. Being a person who needs to spend time making art and creating things, I found myself losing my sanity trying to fit into the traditional notion of being a mum. Ironically, I wasn't enjoying the initial stages of having created another human being.

Now that I am back in the office in a graphic design role again, and having my mother help care for baby R during the weekdays, I am slowly finding myself again. This means both my mother and I will be busy most days of the week, and so new collections may be slow to release.

Let's hope we get to share new designs for the year 2018! <3
Have a very merry Christmas and God bless!
Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January Girls

Happy New Year, everyone! <3
We hope you've had a wonderful Christmas holiday and starting 2017 with much joy and excitement. :)

We are excited to show you the collection that will be released this Saturday, 7 January 2017, at 9am Singapore time.

Meet Soubrette, our elegant and sweet sexy 3-piece set made from a base of frost blue and shell pink maverick shantung. We've embellished the bralet with Miyuki delica beads, and high-waist shorts with a variety of Korean and Matsuno seed beads.
The difference between these two colours lies in the skirt. Our frost blue version comes with a darker mystic blue lace layer while shell pink comes in two layers of beige tulle.

We have enough Japanese lace trims for 2 sets per colour. We could possibly recreate this design but laces will be different in future.

Next we have our Adelise dresses offered in duck egg blue silk dupioni and mauve pink flocked chiffon. We had so much fun making these! We love the puffed sleeves, layered swarovski pearl necklaces and high-low circle skirts with contrast lining.
Our silk version features a three-layered pearl necklace and floral embroidered tulle lining for the skirt. While the mauve pink version comes with a single-layered pearl necklace and soft pink solid lining.

Our final offering in this collection is the Elise dress.
An adorable take on a vintage style, we made this with premium dusty pink double satin and broderie anglaise mesh. The skirt is a delightfully pleated tulip shape perfect for dainty girls who love vintage silhouettes.

We look forward to dressing your girls and catching you this Saturday! <3
Friday, December 30, 2016

Humming Dolly 57 girl

Hi all! Apologies for the lack of updates here on the blog when I've been keenly updating our other social media accounts. ^^; We do have an upcoming collection to be released in January. I will do up a more detailed post soon!

Today I'll share a review on a wonderful doll body you can choose to hybrid with a Volks head. I had ordered a Humming Dolly 57 girl body from Switch back in October this year and finally received it today!

Here are some box-opening pictures:

The glue for the inside box wasn't sticky enough so parts of the cover was coming apart...
The first thing you see upon opening the box is the stringing manual in both English and Korean, an authenticity card and a bubble-wrapped package with high heel feet.

Guess you might be sick of the vintage look I was playing with for the earlier pictures so here's a normal one. :p The doll body was safely packed in a zipper pillow (love these!). Her hands have been separately packed just like her high heel feet.

And here's a quick comparison shot of spiffy new Humming Dolly 57 body with flat feet (left) and Volks SDGr Creamy Mami body with high heel legs (right). I didn't order high heel legs with this body and hope I can deal with it because at the time I was hoping for some variation to my girls' heights and styles. :>

Here's a look at Eve (Volks DWC03) on her new bust-enhanced body. I wasn't expecting to like this body because I've already tried Feeple60 and Sadol Love bodies previously and didn't find them loveable. Even though the stringing for her arms need improvement and the kips at her elbows are usually visible and need adjusting, I do like this body! It's a dainty little body perfect for Eve's personality. <3 So I love it and hope to keep her on this body as long as possible!

She can fit into spacious/stretchy SDGr sized tops, however, her bust is larger so may affect hemlines of dresses. :p This bralet Eve is wearing here was made to fit an SDGr girl, and I could not hook up the back because of her large cup size! XD

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Oscar Doll Eyes

A friend and I placed an order for Oscardoll eyes in late August and we just received them today. The shop mentioned that each pair of eyes take 4 weeks to produce, so our orders were dispatched about a week later than promised. We ordered a total of 6 pairs of eyes and a couple of randoms like stickers and eyelashes.

I was too late in discovering their real eyes series, which looked really beautiful, but oh well, decided to try out their gem-like eyes for the first time after noticing Oscardoll's works from years ago!

Rodart wears a pair of 16mm Special Grey Blue. She looks rather 'glam' in these extra sparkly gems and I like the contrast it gives to her personality, compared to her default grey Mako eyes. I can't wait to see how she will look in a darker coloured wig.
I've also splurged and ordered 2 wigs from Amadiz Studios for Rodart and Iola back in late July, but it has been over the 2-month production period and there has been no news on my wigs. :(

Eve wears a pair of 20mm Blue Marine eyes. She is looking extra mysterious in these...

Looking deeper into the depths of her sparkly eyes... There are gigantic faceted stones for her pupils and I like the effect very much. They definitely count as very special eyes! (and lol closeup of my watercolour penciled eyelashes and lid lines.. ^^;;

Oscardoll gave us a couple of Korean snacks and a few cute extras like a tiny eye-wiping sheet and stickers. I like the quality of these eyes and would definitely buy again when I have dollies needing special eyes. Perhaps I may get a chance at their real eyes one day. I have another pair of 22mm Blue & Snow eyes which I've yet to get Eve to try on. They do look a tad too big. ^^; They're cute with a snowflake in each, maybe for a snow-themed shoot soon...
Friday, September 30, 2016

october release

Are you excited for tomorrow's release? We're so glad our Miu Rose dress made it in time for show and we'd like to share more of what's to come at 9am Singapore time.

Our Miu Rose dress has a modified inspired design from Miu Miu's own woollen dress that we thought would make the perfect little luxury dress for the upcoming cooler seasons. We made it using romance delustered satin in a shade of rose, topped it with broderie anglaise organza and gold lace trims from our recent Japan trip. The beautiful collar also comes embellished with clear AB Swarovski crystals.

This dress will be sold together with a pair of soft mesh white stockings.

We've also decided to add in a little accessory to this collection. Not a lot, but we hope to make more! ;A; This cute little fluffy beret was on my to-do list for the longest and I shouldn't procrastinate further. It was inspired by Snidel's pearl-embellished beret from years ago which I find to be a classic piece in any wardrobe. This beret comes accented with two sizes of cream cotton pearls and there are options to order it with or without the black organza ribbon bow. :>

We hope you'll like these little luxuries for your darling girls, and if you order by the end of October, we can definitely send them over to you in time for Christmas! :)
Sunday, September 18, 2016

Autumn is coming

Are you excited for what this season has to offer? Coming from a land of eternal sun and rain, we've only ever experienced the crispness of fall in foreign lands (and loving its warm colours and refreshing air). We are gearing up for our year-end release, and we do try to make more winter-friendly clothes *sideglance* (we have a scrumptious delustered satin dress!), but well, we are an eternal spring-time label... :p See more of what we have coming up below!

Dainty Eve is wearing a dress made with Liberty UK's 2017 Spring collection fabric, called Wild Flowers. :3 I wonder if we can coin it a lovesprung x Liberty piece... I fell in love with this fabric the moment I entered the store and splurged on just this one design for now. We'll see if you guys like it for your girls! I also wonder if I can resist buying more fabric from them even if it kills me...


Isn't Rodart just the perfect little lady? This is a new flutter design we tried that's inspired by Temperley London's chiffon maxi dress that we tried using our bow print fabric. ^^= The sleeves have slits up the middle which you can't see here (I shared that version on our Instagram account).

And another look at our one-of-a-kind macrame lace two-piece set for SDGr/16 girls. <3 I adore this lace so much it is hard to part with...

I also found the perfect fabric for winter skirts! This delightful pleated georgette from Korea is the perfect fabric for lounging around in slouchy knit socks. Loulou, our Unon, wore our two different cuts with lace bodysuits. The top skirt is an A-line cut while the lower one is an almost H-line cut. :p This skirt can be made for SD and MSD girl sizes.

We will update more pictures of the delustered satin dress that's inspired by a Miu Miu dress once we get her stockings done. Aren't you excited now? ;)
Sunday, August 28, 2016

e v e

Please welcome our newest girl to the family! <3 She is a Volks DWC03 head borrowing Iola's SDGr body right now. I need to search for a newer body to suit her unyellowed resin (and have these 2 girls in the same picture!). She has gently squinting eyes that I hope to accentuate more with bigger eyes. She also has a carrot red short wig that brings out her reddish brown brows. These eyes are temporary ones I got from Rosenlied for my adopted Lieselotte previously.

Another shot of her with a filter on. She's wearing one of our new lace bodysuits that will be released in our upcoming collection. We will share white, pink and black colours. ^^ Hope to share more updates with you soon!