Tuesday, March 22, 2022

[TEDDY VINTAGE} One Off kimono for SD girls


Teddy Vintage is the latest one off kimono set I made for a dear client requesting for an earth-toned kimono set. This was made with a beautiful yarn-dyed Japanese cotton with a maroon base. It also comes with a jointed teddy bear I made some time ago as a companion.

Kimono Parlour [Princess Series]

 So at the end of 2021, I released the first furisode kimono in the [Princess Series]. These are opulent and decadently ruffled kimonos of various hues to fit the SDGr girls. Here are some that had been made and sold.

YUKI HIME - Crown Princess of Winter

SUMIRE HIME - Lavender Princess of Spring

TAIYO HIME - Princess of the Sun

These kimonos have come to be made to order, and I am currently working on a sugar pink one for a dear client. :) Stay tuned!

Kimono Parlour [ 2021 collection ]

 Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates to the blog as I focused most of my time on Instagram. :p Please find below, an archive of the one off kimonos I have made and sold in the year 2021.

#1: Vintage Menu for SD10 girls

#2: Black Diamond for SD13 girls

#4: Antique Sonata for SDM girls

#6: Picnic Romance for SDGr girls

#7: The Explorer for SD16 girls

Thank you for going through until here! :) I will continue to share more high resolution photos of works here. <3