Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Excite, excite! Can you feel my excitement?

Hee hee, I'm just barely keeping myself from bubbling over with great excitement. <3
I've prepared 32 draft listings of all the items we'll be selling and the date and time are out (Do note it down on your calendar)!
Previews available on Facebook.

The packages I've been eagerly waiting for have finally arrived today, too!
(I'm still waiting for another two :p I've been a bad girl, shopping online so much.
If I may hint, one of the packages will hopefully rekindle my try at making smaller modern clothes again)
So here're the goodies that reached me~

The adorable macaron charms were made by Jocelyn of AiClay. I just tried to figure out a necklace for msds with a 1:12 sized charm, and I must say, it didn't work. The chain just wasn't dainty enough. Maybe I should try a ball chain, however, the clasps I have are solid brass and heavy, they kind of pull at the back and the necklace will flop up. :( Back to the thinking room on what kind of necklace I can make (other ideas that came up were suede/lace/ribbon replacing chains)

In addition to the macarons, I got pretty lace for more projects! I am so lucky to have so many materials that inspire me every day. There is never nothing I can make. XD I guess I can keep designing things to make and bother my mother to help me realise these ideas for a long, long time.

Lastly, my Unoa heeled sandals arrived from eBay! They're meant for 22" American Models. I was so crushed that I lost three other auctions for awesome black shoes. ;_ ; I hope to get more realistic and affordable heels for my girls in future! Alas, my wallet cries in pain, so now I'm doing my best to save money once more. There is still the need to get a new Mac because my 5-year-old MBP is getting old and slow. ;o;

Here's another shot of my Narae in her hot heels:

4 comments on "Excite, excite! Can you feel my excitement?"
  1. yayy you got the package! and i love the first photo, straight out of a fashion mag. :)

    off to add your etsy shop to favourites! And you said that one of e purchases was to get you working on smaller clothes again, do you mean a small sewing machine?? hahaha, alright i sound damn noob. :D

    1. Hee, yep, thank you for the pretty macarons!
      Lol, nay, it ain't a sewing machine. :9 You don't sound noob! My clue wasn't very obvious, anyway.
      I should just admit: It's another little person. x_x

  2. Your new collection is absolutely amazing! I remember ordering a number of items from you in the past, your "Ruched Collar Trench" being my personal favourite for my dolls. I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of jewelry you'll make for the msds with the macarons (because I already want to order it!)


    1. Oh hello!! <3 It's been a while!
      Thank you for visiting me here. :)) Ahh, I loved that trench coat too, that reminds me we should make some outerwear soon~
      Haha, the macarons are proving to be a tad difficult to manage because they're so light. We'll see what I can do. 8_8 Though, this project could be placed on the back burner for a while until I can figure something out.

      See you around, dear! :)