Friday, February 24, 2012


My current favourite album to listen to is Ellie Goulding's Lights. It's been my crafting mood power on album, plus Sunday Girl's random numbers. ^^ Music paints the world a different 'filter'. Hahaha.

Yay, one more new item to share with all of you (it's not completed yet without snaps at the back collar). Contrast collar sleeveless blouses! Two for SD and MSDs. One of my favourite blouse trends these months is the contrast black collar on milk white fabric. These close with a zipper at the back.

A picture of my mother using our trusty serger. It has been with us for so many years, possibly a vintage model already. The modern machines are usually white and have plastic coverings. The older machines use metal and are so heavy to move around. x_x

The pieces before the new collars were added. Mother tried sewing on the collar a certain way in the beginning, but they didn't work out, so she had to unpick and redo these.
She spent so much time on these four pieces because the fabric was tough to manage.

I have been spending bombs collecting materials to fulfill my ideas of dolly sweets deco necklaces and hair accessories! I've just ordered beautiful hand-made 1:6 and 1:12 sized macarons from AiClay in three pastel shades, and various findings and ribbon connectors online. I've also finished designing our label and am looking for a clear stamp maker online. It'll be 1" long and I can stamp our label onto the inside back of our light-coloured clothes! About time, I'd say. ^^;

I really can't wait for everything I've ordered to arrive! That would probably take another two weeks. It would be nice if I can release many things at once, so I guess I can't release the three new clothing pieces this weekend. I get so excited sometimes and want to release new things whenever they're completed. It would be better for customers if they get a wider selection of items to buy together.

So mother is off from work for the day and once I finish sewing on the snaps on all the cardigans and tops, I can try to make some cute tank tops! It's been so long since I last touched the sewing machine, and I do miss it. :)
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