m o d e l s

Name: Esmé (airs-may)
Type: Rosenlied Holiday's Child Reverie Bambi Alice: Into the Fairy Hole
Body: New Rosenlied Holiday's Child body
Faceup: Default Uyuchagongbang
Eyes: 18mm Oscars
Hair: Blond

Name: Chantel
Type: Sekiguchi Unoa Light Fluorite Pirate version
Repainted by me

Name: Giselle
Type: Petworks 
1702 Today's Momoko

Name: Cosette
Type: Chica Bonita Petite Chica Cosette the Marchen

Name: ??
Type: Stelle Serendipitous Blythe
Eyechips: BunnyCatDolly and my own
Scalp: ??


Sekiguchi Platform Momoko