Friday, December 30, 2016

Humming Dolly 57 girl

Hi all! Apologies for the lack of updates here on the blog when I've been keenly updating our other social media accounts. ^^; We do have an upcoming collection to be released in January. I will do up a more detailed post soon!

Today I'll share a review on a wonderful doll body you can choose to hybrid with a Volks head. I had ordered a Humming Dolly 57 girl body from Switch back in October this year and finally received it today!

Here are some box-opening pictures:

The glue for the inside box wasn't sticky enough so parts of the cover was coming apart...
The first thing you see upon opening the box is the stringing manual in both English and Korean, an authenticity card and a bubble-wrapped package with high heel feet.

Guess you might be sick of the vintage look I was playing with for the earlier pictures so here's a normal one. :p The doll body was safely packed in a zipper pillow (love these!). Her hands have been separately packed just like her high heel feet.

And here's a quick comparison shot of spiffy new Humming Dolly 57 body with flat feet (left) and Volks SDGr Creamy Mami body with high heel legs (right). I didn't order high heel legs with this body and hope I can deal with it because at the time I was hoping for some variation to my girls' heights and styles. :>

Here's a look at Eve (Volks DWC03) on her new bust-enhanced body. I wasn't expecting to like this body because I've already tried Feeple60 and Sadol Love bodies previously and didn't find them loveable. Even though the stringing for her arms need improvement and the kips at her elbows are usually visible and need adjusting, I do like this body! It's a dainty little body perfect for Eve's personality. <3 So I love it and hope to keep her on this body as long as possible!

She can fit into spacious/stretchy SDGr sized tops, however, her bust is larger so may affect hemlines of dresses. :p This bralet Eve is wearing here was made to fit an SDGr girl, and I could not hook up the back because of her large cup size! XD

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