Friday, September 30, 2016

october release

Are you excited for tomorrow's release? We're so glad our Miu Rose dress made it in time for show and we'd like to share more of what's to come at 9am Singapore time.

Our Miu Rose dress has a modified inspired design from Miu Miu's own woollen dress that we thought would make the perfect little luxury dress for the upcoming cooler seasons. We made it using romance delustered satin in a shade of rose, topped it with broderie anglaise organza and gold lace trims from our recent Japan trip. The beautiful collar also comes embellished with clear AB Swarovski crystals.

This dress will be sold together with a pair of soft mesh white stockings.

We've also decided to add in a little accessory to this collection. Not a lot, but we hope to make more! ;A; This cute little fluffy beret was on my to-do list for the longest and I shouldn't procrastinate further. It was inspired by Snidel's pearl-embellished beret from years ago which I find to be a classic piece in any wardrobe. This beret comes accented with two sizes of cream cotton pearls and there are options to order it with or without the black organza ribbon bow. :>

We hope you'll like these little luxuries for your darling girls, and if you order by the end of October, we can definitely send them over to you in time for Christmas! :)
Sunday, September 18, 2016

Autumn is coming

Are you excited for what this season has to offer? Coming from a land of eternal sun and rain, we've only ever experienced the crispness of fall in foreign lands (and loving its warm colours and refreshing air). We are gearing up for our year-end release, and we do try to make more winter-friendly clothes *sideglance* (we have a scrumptious delustered satin dress!), but well, we are an eternal spring-time label... :p See more of what we have coming up below!

Dainty Eve is wearing a dress made with Liberty UK's 2017 Spring collection fabric, called Wild Flowers. :3 I wonder if we can coin it a lovesprung x Liberty piece... I fell in love with this fabric the moment I entered the store and splurged on just this one design for now. We'll see if you guys like it for your girls! I also wonder if I can resist buying more fabric from them even if it kills me...


Isn't Rodart just the perfect little lady? This is a new flutter design we tried that's inspired by Temperley London's chiffon maxi dress that we tried using our bow print fabric. ^^= The sleeves have slits up the middle which you can't see here (I shared that version on our Instagram account).

And another look at our one-of-a-kind macrame lace two-piece set for SDGr/16 girls. <3 I adore this lace so much it is hard to part with...

I also found the perfect fabric for winter skirts! This delightful pleated georgette from Korea is the perfect fabric for lounging around in slouchy knit socks. Loulou, our Unon, wore our two different cuts with lace bodysuits. The top skirt is an A-line cut while the lower one is an almost H-line cut. :p This skirt can be made for SD and MSD girl sizes.

We will update more pictures of the delustered satin dress that's inspired by a Miu Miu dress once we get her stockings done. Aren't you excited now? ;)