Thursday, July 28, 2016

Chiffon & Grosgrain

We love the look of grosgrain ribbons especially when made into ribbon bows! This coming Saturday (at 9am Singapore time) we will be releasing these belts (with double folds on the left) in two chic colours: Fawn Beige and Lilac Mist. They close with sparkle elastics and snaps at back. We got our inspiration from Lanvin's own grosgrain ribbon bow belts. <3

We also have these other two exciting pieces in line: a cotton body with neatly sewn pintucks at front and ruffles along the sleeves. This will make it so much more convenient when dressing our girls in separates and ensuring they look neat and tidy. :) This piece will be a standard item.

The chiffon skirt is called Palest Pink for its sheer pink quality and delicate rose and lattice embroidery. We love the scalloped edges as well. What a demure piece to add to any girl's wardrobe! This piece will be limited to three in the world.

Happy shopping this weekend!
Sunday, July 24, 2016

Ficondoll Irina arrives!

Irina arrived on Friday but I only managed to open her box today. <3 She is a 16" resin doll with a limited edition of 24 and made by Korean company, Ficondoll. She is strung like the usual ball-jointed dolls and is doubled jointed. She has a gorgeous gorgeous body with beautiful blushing and paint work. Will share my box opening here! :) *NSFW near the end where I share pictures of her in her birthday suit..

I was so amused by the foam body cut-out heheh... There are two layers to the box. Doll at the bottom, clothes and other accessories at the top. Her outfit is very well made with coat and bustier both lined and well sewn. Her bustier was a little hard to snap the top snap on, and her baggy jeans weren't the style I was looking for Irina so didn't take any pictures of her in them, sorry! Her feet couldn't fit into her default boots however, and Ficondoll creator kindly contacted me about this. I couldn't bear forcing her feet into the tightly strapped boots. Ficondoll told me they would have fitted the older version of the body where the shoemaker had the feet for reference, but not the newer body. D: I see now.. This didn't affect my happy experience with Irina, though. :) she is such a beautiful doll. Hee if anyone wants to buy her outfit feel free to contact me.

*Be VERY CAREFUL with placing your doll on this default stand. The black saddle portion stained parts of Irina's lower parts and belly when I was checking whether she could stand on it. And even with heels on the stand is too tall for her and unadjustable... It isn't too much of an issue since Irina could stand unaided for many poses. :)

Ficondoll assured that the next release of dolls will finally get an adjustable stand with different coloured saddle so the staining don't occur. I can also use 3M superfine sandpaper to gently remove stains from her body. Her resin felt matte and I was afraid I might scratch her sealant off since there was body blushing.

Irina came in this cute little kimono protection piece and a face cover very much like our 1:3 sized bjds. Her headcap is also magnetic with an S hook in the neck.

Her body is to die for. ;A; Sooo beautiful! She has blushing on her boobs, belly, hands, neckline and even ankles. I also like the colour of her hair. it appears to be more cooler in shade than the wine red colour in her promo pictures. However, I don't think this style suits her face shape very well. Her profile looks rather manly.. I think it's her strong side jawline, but I love her little heart-shaped chin.. Hope I find the right wig style for her soon!

Showing off her beautiful hands and gold coloured manicure. She does appear more tanned in pictures. Tried not to lighten her picture too much here to bring out her blushing more..

Irina is wearing a custom one-piece lingerie made by AnnCollection to fit Kingdom Doll girls. I ordered a white one as well but this blue colour matched her hair colour perfectly. <3 I'm still getting used to her face, though. It's not the usual sweet girls I'm used to, and she has a rather stern and strong face that's hard to soften. I really hope better wig styles will do the job of softening her up coz I do prefer my girls soft. ;)

Overall, her posing is great, and she stands very well on her own even without a stand. I can't wait to dress her up in other fashions (with my mother's help, of course!) and we can see more photos of her. :)
Saturday, July 16, 2016

Doll furniture by miniand

This would be my first review on the blog, and I hope to share more in future. :) I thought it would be useful to share my experiences with various doll companies and other handmade artists so you guys can have a better understanding before making big purchases. <3

Today's review is on handmade furniture for 1:6 sized dolls like Momoko, JerryBerry and Hot Toys by Korean artist miniand.

I actually received these by accident. D: I had ordered 2 white chairs with brown seats and was at first surprised to pick out a pink chair from the package (I had thought it was a gift for the two chairs I ordered), but then I realised her note was for another buyer and there were 3 other chairs AND a table in the box! I then quickly sent an Instagram message to mini.and (where I reached out to her to purchase in the first place) to let her know of the error and offered to ship to the correct buyer.

However, mini.and was very professional and didn't want me to trouble myself mailing on her behalf so she told me I could keep them and that she had also sent over the two white chairs I had originally ordered. T____T I was so touched by her generosity and professionalism... Which can also be seen in the way her pieces were packaged in!

Each chair came in its own Miniature Chair branded thin cardboard box with plastic window. Each chair was tied to a stiffer board with paper wires and padded with bubble wrap. They also came with a custom tag bearing the buyer's name. <3

Painting style was shabby chic and realistically done.

There was also a little handmade wooden box with the buyer's name printed on the cover and wrapped in printed ribbon. I am very impressed by the personalisation miniand puts into the pieces ordered! Perfect size as a surprise to Charlotte, our Momoko girl. ^^=

Chloe's like "Where's my drink?!" and Charlotte "Um, calm down chica..."

Oops, not the best picture showing scale with our Momokos posing like this... Hahaha... But I think the best way to house this set is to make an all white room with white painted floorboards and plaster walls with a pretty turqoise vase with fuchsia coloured flowers. *_* That shall be one of my future room projects.

Check out the wonderful paint details of this sweet picnic table!

The set with a 1:4 sized telephone. Excuse for buying more re-ment goodies now.. >_>

Hope you find this review useful! Mini.and's works are truly a delightful addition to any 1:6 doll room. She also makes adorable 1:12 items. I really liked her colour pencil sets but forgot to order them along. ^^;; Maybe next time!
Friday, July 15, 2016

Winter Rose


Thank you for waiting patiently for us this year! So many things happened these past months, what with a long-awaited holiday, and some new additions to the dolly collection, but first, here is something new we will be releasing this Saturday night (Singapore time) for two very lucky Momoko girls. :)

It's a beautiful three-piece set made from frost blue maverick shantung, pink embroidered tulle and duck egg blue silk habotae. What a luscious set of fabrics. <3 Charlotte, our beautiful Harmony of Angels Sunday version Momoko models the Winter Rose set for us this round. We also have a less limited run of similar silk teddies available for sale that has additional lace trims under the bust. Do keep a lookout for our shop updates tomorrow!