Thursday, October 6, 2016

Oscar Doll Eyes

A friend and I placed an order for Oscardoll eyes in late August and we just received them today. The shop mentioned that each pair of eyes take 4 weeks to produce, so our orders were dispatched about a week later than promised. We ordered a total of 6 pairs of eyes and a couple of randoms like stickers and eyelashes.

I was too late in discovering their real eyes series, which looked really beautiful, but oh well, decided to try out their gem-like eyes for the first time after noticing Oscardoll's works from years ago!

Rodart wears a pair of 16mm Special Grey Blue. She looks rather 'glam' in these extra sparkly gems and I like the contrast it gives to her personality, compared to her default grey Mako eyes. I can't wait to see how she will look in a darker coloured wig.
I've also splurged and ordered 2 wigs from Amadiz Studios for Rodart and Iola back in late July, but it has been over the 2-month production period and there has been no news on my wigs. :(

Eve wears a pair of 20mm Blue Marine eyes. She is looking extra mysterious in these...

Looking deeper into the depths of her sparkly eyes... There are gigantic faceted stones for her pupils and I like the effect very much. They definitely count as very special eyes! (and lol closeup of my watercolour penciled eyelashes and lid lines.. ^^;;

Oscardoll gave us a couple of Korean snacks and a few cute extras like a tiny eye-wiping sheet and stickers. I like the quality of these eyes and would definitely buy again when I have dollies needing special eyes. Perhaps I may get a chance at their real eyes one day. I have another pair of 22mm Blue & Snow eyes which I've yet to get Eve to try on. They do look a tad too big. ^^; They're cute with a snowflake in each, maybe for a snow-themed shoot soon...
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