Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shopping day

Spotlight had a special sale today and I wanted to get this snow leopard fur fat quarter listed in their newsletter, as well as some gold/hardware beads to try out some dolly bracelets. I was planning to use the fur as a rug for their room, but sadly, when I reached there 10 minutes after opening, there were only the dark pelts left. Hopes of having a cute furry floor under their day bed were dashed.
I did manage to buy two packs of different gold beads and a ball of Perle string.

Then I went to Daiso (somewhat on a small spree lol) and bought a 10 compartment bead storage box (to store the new beads as well as incoming rhinestones. I still need another one, 10 compartments were not enough x_x;) and some cute sweets stationery. After visiting Rui at her workplace, she told me about this adorable white wire-design chair that was sold at a store opposite hers. It's meant for jewelry but big enough for both MSD and SD dolls! What a lovely find! I can't wait to use it in dolly shoots. ^^ Thank you, Rui!

Here's a picture of some of the dolly-related buys (the book's for order recording for 2012 ^^):

As I have more time right now, I've been working with mother for the past few days on our upcoming new pieces. There is a light yellow floral cardigan for both sizes where I'm sewing up the pearl accents for. I got these blue-gray beads from my mother's pill box:

It's really vintage beads judging by the year stated on this bottle, which was 1983. o_O So I decided to store the sequins and pearls in the same bottle, but organized the other little seed beads into my new bead storage box. Here's after all the finger picking (phew!):

I cut out border stickers from my stash of cute paper stickers I got from Gmarket to identify the beads. The Koreans and Japanese make such adorable, crafty stickers I find it almost too wasteful to use on anything.
And here's the work-in-progress shot of the upcoming floral cardigan (it's hard to get nice floral-printed jersey fabric from the fabric shops, so I bought this pair of Uniqlo leggings... ;) :

And a preview of our cute little lace-trimmed high waist shorts (I'm still undecided as to whether I should add on little sparkles or pearls or just leave them as they are):

That is all for our first post on the dolly blog! ^^= Thank you for reading!

4 comments on "Shopping day"
  1. i'm going to be your first commenter!! hahah. anyway, you bought a piece of human clothes just to make into doll clothes?? Now that's real dedication! :D Enjoyed reading about your crafting buys, do blog more k! ♥

    1. Hee, thank you! <3 Lol, that's because we don't have as wide a variety of fabric like the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. Haha, it's so expensive to cut up human clothes (unless it's just $3 for a huge piece). I'm glad you liked reading this!

  2. Congrats on your new blog! :D Yay, I have a new blog to watch! > 3<
    I loved this post. I like reading WIPs. :)

    1. Hello! Thank you for reading and loving! X3
      I hope to post more soon~