Monday, February 27, 2012

Narae open-eyed (Itzel) is here!

Yaay! What a wonderful surprise! My open-eyed (N404) Narae faceplate with headback arrived today! So fast, just 6 business days from ordering, D-Storic sent her to me so quickly. Now I am sooo tempted to get another body when they're having a sale for them. ;o;
They packed these two items in a cute little gift box. <3 Now I need to scramble and find a suitable faceup look for this new girl and come up with a name! XDD

*add on: 7:30pm
I gave her a quick faceup. She looks unlike any of the open-eyed girls I've seen. :c Lol, but it's a good thing. And I finally applied lashes onto an msd-sized doll! Not very well done, but at least there are lashes (though, not very firm ones).
Here some evening mobile photos!

She looks Russian princess-ish in the blond mohair. I love her with short hair! Now I need to go look for more short hair styles. @_@
I've named her Itzel, meaning Star of the Aurora Sky. To match with Mitzi, who's Star of the Sea. <3
4 comments on "Narae open-eyed (Itzel) is here!"
  1. Congratulation Darling! Narae are really great dolls (I know, what I'm saying, coz my first doll is narae classic bought years ago and she is still with me and I love her really much). She came really fast, good for you :) Waiting for her name and "face" :) I'm really curios what wig and eyes you want her to have :)

    1. Thank you! <3 I just update the post with some mobile phone shots of this quick faceup I gave her.
      She's going to be called Itzel, and I think she looks great in both long and short hair. I'm thinking ice purple/grey for eyes. Ahh, I think she's going to be a 'changeling' sort with no set hair colour. *wallet wilts*

  2. She's beuatiful, gorgeous quicky XD!!! Congrats!

    1. Thank you, dear! :D You paint pretty faceups too!