Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Modsdoll Day & Night arrives

Our second 16" resin fashion doll arrived on Saturday and here are some long awaited pictures of her arrival. :) Day & Night is the latest released doll by The Modsdoll. She is similar to Ficondoll's Irina in terms of fully-blushed body with matching mani pedis. More on the box-opening and NSFW images.

No funny foam people this time. D&N came in a matte black box with silver modsdoll foil stamping. She came already dressed and in these stubs for hands (now I know what they're for haha) and her dress came in a dust bag separately packed (which I unpacked here). Her accessories and wig were kept in the black drawer at the bottom. Her certification came in a black envelope. She also comes with a stand, which from previous experience, I'll skip using it for fear of staining...

She came with a second pair of hands, a clutch, necklace and nude mesh tights.

She has rather simple body blushing as compared to Ficondoll's Irina. More on comparisons in my next post, but I love her pearl pink manicure very much..

D&N in her default casual outfit. Love her jeans! That was one of the reasons why I bought her. <3
She has nice burgundy pumps but I find her feet a tad too big and I had to squeeze them into her own shoes. :/ She has an adorable matching clutch, too, and the back of her shirt has rhinestones.

Her LBD was also a tad tight on her, but at least it zipped up. D&N has a lovely soft allure to her face and postures, but I find her legs hard to control and position for standing.

Next up! Ficondoll x Modsdoll comparison and head exchanges!
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