Sunday, November 15, 2015


*A quick thank you to Megan for posting about us! We were kindly approached to sponsor her new doll with a piece from our collection and you can find her detailed post here on how our 1:6 sized camisole fits Antigone, her Aerial BJD. *

From the sunny island of Singapore, it may seem hard to comprehend the season of winter since our yearly season has always been hot or hot and wet. Nonetheless, the excitement of winter does not escape our notice as international fashion boutiques bring in their autumn/winter collections onto their racks. Plus most of our offices and malls tend to get quite cold with hardworking air conditioning so that gives us an excuse to shop autumn winter collections that may seem insane to wear in our warm tropical weather. I am also slowly warming up to the designs of autumn winter collections and find we should introduce more of them in our dolly line.

I've always appreciated spring summer collections, both on the runways as well as shopping for my own wardrobe, so naturally when I design clothes for our girls, I would veer more towards spring summer silhouettes and fabrics. I would say it's mostly for the colour palettes and pretty fabric like lace, florals and vibrant colours. Autumn winter collections always feel dull to me, with their dark smoky colour palettes and heavy fabric. However, I have found we can still create girlish pieces that work for this season! (how slow!)

Anyway, the picture above of Chantae, our Bluefairy Tinyfairy Sarang, features her in our palace blue tweed dress, which I find works for all seasons. This got me inspired to try coming up with a coat design for our dolly girls this year end. Hopefully it will come to fruition! I've got a lovely delustered satin in rose, a darker nude, in mind for this coat project, and possibly attempt some embellishments on it as well. Will post sketches and wip soon, but first we need to get our main pieces ready, which will be dresses in frost blue and shell pink. ^^=

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