Sunday, July 22, 2012

And Sunday comes to a near end...

The weekends are never enough for me. Who deemed the world to only rest from work for two days? Why can't we have four? :(

So today I was taking photos of new clothes for a potential buyer. :> I hope things go well and I can advertise about it soon. And I tried making a simple dolly hanger:

It's not very close up (otherwise you can see how cheap it looks lol. It's made from S hooks I got from Daiso (yay for $2!) and paper and ribbon. It would be better to wire the body and sew on a padded body, but I wanted a quick fix so I went to make my own hangers out of paper instead (with some foam in the middle). I have MSD sized ones too.

We'll see what we can do with these. Maybe I'll just use them for display, or when I upgrade it to something of a better quality, I might list them in stores. ^^

So yes, weekends are so not enough for me to do all the things I want to do. :/

Oh and I'm also working on a human accessory and art project (with shop). I've got three earrings done and can't wait to get the blog up for it. :)
2 comments on "And Sunday comes to a near end..."
  1. yayy good to see you posting more! :) hope everything goes well for you at work this week! ♥

    I understand what you mean about the weekends, when I was working at a company previously I would lament everyday about how unfair the 2rest5workdays schedule is!

    and post updates of those hangers! ♥

  2. Jocelyn! Many apologies for the late reply. T__T I thought I replied but I didn't!

    Work has gotten crazy busy and sapping my energy for the past month, so all I can bring myself to do over the weekends is either to read/watch shows or sleep. x_x

    Hope to post more once more!