Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A more serious collection

I borrowed some books on fashion design recently and decided to go a little more deeper into the designing of clothes. Our brand takes pride in making quality clothes that are special, and I felt certain pieces from the previous collection didn't hit the mark. It was more of making dolly sized clothes that I would want to wear under a casual atmosphere, but I guess lovesprung's muse has her casual days too. (I'm not saying I'm the muse here~ :p) We will make more unique pieces with interesting accents!

Following a book's guide, I am now working on 6 looks for the next collection. I took photos of my dolls nude so I can draw the designs on tracing paper above for more accuracy that my mother can follow when sewing. Usually, I just draw from scratch on a 'fashion design illustration' way, but the body proportions were off, and it was rather hit and miss.

Here's a peek at a white chiffon jacket with a peplum waist design. You can see the inspiration I got from the gathered chiffon trim at the top. I would like to have a printed chiffon dress underneath the jacket too, so there's the white chiffon sample fabric atop the green printed chiffon (from our 2009 collection! :D I was digging through our fabric and this caught my eye again):

And the reference photos of my SD10 model that was behind the sheet of paper (my Unoa model's printed at the back):
Hopefully with this method, it can possibly save us more time to create more interesting pieces with more details! :))
3 comments on "A more serious collection"
  1. Neat idea, Aki! Can't wait to see more updates :)

    1. Thank you! :)) Sadly, the prototype didn't quite work out. Chiffon's meant to be billowy.
      Anyway, we've moved on to making dresses for now and will think about the outerwear a little more on the side. :p

    2. Ah yes, hard to get those ruffles, I suppose? But I love the dresses that you ended up creating!

      PS noticed that my old dolly blog is still linked in your sidebar; my new URL is http://petitpepito.blogspot.com :) linked you too!!